Horse Care Services

Full Day Care

Traditionally this package includes two visits per day, although at your request we will be pleased to increase the number of visits.

Our services are tailored to the individual requirements of each horse, however to provide you with a guide the Full Dare Care service will include the following:-

AM – feed, rug change (where applicable), turn out, muck out (bedding left up to air), water bucket/drinkers and feed manger scrub, field skipping (maximum 30 minutes skipping per horse)

PM – Stable preparation, to include adding new bedding (if required), administering hay and water, bring in from field, where applicable rug change, groom (inc. feet treatment) and feed.

Half Day Care

This package includes one visit per day, either AM or PM and will include all that is described in the Full Day Care.

Field Care

This package can include either one or two visits per day during which we will thoroughly check your horse for any abnormalities and will pick out feet. The field perimeter will be inspected for damage to fencing. Other potential hazards (i.e. poisonous plants, holes in ground, overhead hazards) will also be detected. Where possible damages and hazards will be repaired/eliminated. Field water troughs will be cleaned and the field will up to receive 30 minutes (per horse) of muck removal. Hay, hard feed and rug changes will be carried out as instructed.

Exercise (ridden and/or from the ground)

Riding – tacking horse up in specified tack, riding horse/pony for specified exercise and untacking, where necessary sponging off sweat marks and cooling off.

Lunging – applying specified lunging equipment, lunging of horse/pony for exercise as specified, removing equipment and where necessary sponging off sweat marks and cooling.

Long Reining – applying specified equipment for long reining, long reining of horse/pony for exercise as specified, removing equipment and where necessary sponging off sweat marks and cooling.

Show/Competition Preparation

The day prior to the show/competition we will assist you, or if required take sole charge of preparing your horse/pony. This will include a thorough bath, trimming, mane and tail pulling (if applicable) and plaiting if possible to do so the day before. Clothing will be applied where possible to ensure your horse/pony is looking his very best on show/competition day. If more than one bath is required work will commence during the week leading up to the show/competition.

Show/Competition Groom Service

We will offer exactly what it says on the tin; we’ll be your groom for the duration of the show/competition. This package will commence at your stables early in the morning of show/competition day and will finish when your horse/pony is safely back in his home surroundings in the evening. In between we will groom, polish, carry and fetch, and above all we will ensure your day runs smoothly and you are where you are required to be at the specified times. We sadly cannot guarantee you will take home the much coveted trophies, but we will guarantee you an organised and professional experience.

Waiting Service, including Farrier, Vet and Dentist etc.

Just like humans your horse requires regular health check-ups. Rather than taking a day’s annual leave please allow us to step in. We will guarantee to be at your stables 15 minutes before the appointment. And in the event that your specialist is running ahead of schedule we will, the day before the appointment provide him/her with our mobile telephone number so they can advise us accordingly.


This package includes any number of clips from a trace clip to a full clip and all those in between. Clips can be personalised to the individual horse.

Field Maintenance

This package is vital to ensuring your fields are healthy and are at their very best for your horse/pony. Traditionally carried out when the field is being rested this service can include treating fencing, the removal of droppings and weeds and scrubbing of water troughs. If required we will project manage your field having the fencing replaced and any further maintenance work, including harrowing, spraying, fertilising and topping that may be required.

Tack Cleaning

Good quality tack is expensive, but if cared for correctly and regularly it will last for many years.

This package includes a thorough assessment of the condition of your tack, with close attention paid to stitching, buckles and billets. Depending on the condition of your tack the clean will commence with the removal of dirt and sweat using hot soapy water, followed by a thorough application of saddle soap before finishing with a nourishing protector and a light buff with a soft cloth to remove any excess. Where required an oil treatment will be included.

Please remember new leather requires cleaning in order that the saddle soap puts the required oils into the leather, thus prolonging its life from the very start.

Wet leather also requires instant cleaning and conditioning to ensure the lost oils are replaced.

Once leather is dry-rotted, it’s not salvageable.

Tack cleaning can take place at your stables or if preferred at our premises. A collection and return service is offered.