Equine Purchase and Sale

Selecting Your Perfect Horse

In addition to the services detailed in the Horse Care Services section we would be pleased to assist you in the selection and purchase of a new pony or horse as well as in the sale of your pony or horse.

After an initial consultation, including a riding assessment we would be pleased to assist you in the often hugely time consuming selection process. Drawing on our extensive experience we will assist you, perhaps by making an initial visit to a potential purchase to ascertain its suitability prior to you travelling to see the individual.

We will advise you on all matters relating to a purchase, including vetting options and also, looking to the future, the potential resale value, a consideration often overlooked, but absolutely necessary if you wish to reinvest.

Similarly, Elite Equine Care would be pleased to assist you in preparing your pony or horse for resale and would be happy to meet any potential purchasers and to vet any home prior to the completion of a sale. Our dedicated marketing team would be delighted to undertake all advertising matters.

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